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Being successful in today’s noisy internet space requires the perfect tune with perfect instruments in perfect sync to amuse the customers and that’s where editsoft Digital comes as the orchestra who knows exactly how and when to play which instrument to get the perfect tune.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We help you fulfill your dream by ranking you on page 1 of google and immediately see the uptrend in your traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Growing a business is a tough job and doing it with just SEO is a herculean task in itself as you need more pillars for your business.

Content Marketing

The best way to acquire loyal customers is through content marketing and sadly most people do it completely wrong.

SEO Consulting

Sometimes just a piece of advice is more valuable than a complete book that’s why we are here to help you with your SEO and guide you to the next action you should take.

E-mail Marketing

According to the so-called gurus of marketing “E-mail marketing is dead “ but we will show you and them as will how you can still grow your business with email marketing.

Website Designing

They say that “Presentation matters” and you are judged online through your website and a bad and shitty website can ruin the reputation of your brand in the customers mind.

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ABC - Corporate Branding

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We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

We understand that you have to the one man army in the initial years of business but people tend to be the one man army even when the business starts growing. 

That's why we help people with small to medium-sized businesses get the results they want by just taking our help and advice.

Edit soft Digital has always amazed me with their SEO knowledge. With the help of their SEO lead gen skills, we are able to reduce our marketing cost for Sunstone by 30 %. Their work is commendable.

Nituj Gupta

CEO, Sunstone Eduver

I never believed that digital marketing agencies actually provide good results. But After seeing Edit soft Digital Marketing efforts, I can see an increase of 90 % search results traffic. They are the best.

Kunal Jain

CEO, Analytics Vidya

Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is a person who is well aware of all the google updates and knows step by step procedure on how to rank a particular keyword in search engines

Why should I trust your company to grow my business?

We don't say that you should trust our company in the first look but what we rather advise you is look at whether our previous customers are happy with us and would we will be able to solve your problem.

How much will you charge for my business?

What we charge the customers solely depends on their needs and goals for their business.

After talking to our experts and filtering out the goals for your company we present the action plan to you of what we will do along with progress reports every week.

How would I know I am not been cheated by your company?

After all the paperwork is done to protect your work from infringement like the NDA etc. we will be sending you a weekly progress report to you on your e-mail and also you have the freedom to talk to our experts at any time.

Would be able to help my business?

We cannot promise that to you upfront but what we can guarantee to you is we can provide the best advice your business might need right now.


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